The facts about rural housing

Rural communities are in crisis in the UK. Unable to afford to live and work in villages they call home, people are being forced to abandon family and social connections and move away from their communities in order to find a home they can afford.

Rural house prices are on average 26% higher than in urban areas

Local earnings are consistently lower in rural than urban areas, averaging £19,700 in rural districts compared to £26,900 for the major urban areas

Rural communities have fewer affordable homes – 12% of housing stock in rural areas is social, compared to 19% in urban areas

Despite figures showing that there should be no less than 7,500 homes built per year in rural areas, only 2,886 were built in 2013

Government policy to reduce S106 affordable requirements on small sites (less than 10 homes) is likely to reduce the number of affordable rural homes built by 50%

The Right to Buy changes jeopardise the development of new rural homes, as well as reduce the existing levels of stock

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